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Bloomington Indiana Pet Sitter, Hospice Care, Animal Reiki

Give your family the gift of

peace of mind

when you travel. 


In Bloomington city limits

Up to 3 visits per day

15 to 30 minute walks

Perfect for mid-day visits


Transportation to veterinary and grooming appointments

1 to 2 pets* ...........................  $25 per visit

3 to 4 pets* ...........................  $30 per visit

5 to 6 pets* ...........................  $35 per visit

*fish included for no extra charge


Visit rates include pet and house sitting duties:


  • feeding

  • scooping litterboxes

  • canine potty breaks

  • quick walks for dogs

  • newspaper and mail retrieval

  • security checks of house

  • very basic indoor plant care

  • lots of love and attention!


Medication administration

for healthy pets is included!


For chronically or suddenly ill animals and difficult to medicate pets, please visit our nursing care page.

1 dog ...................... $20 per half hour visit

Each additional dog  ....................$5 each

Lamplight Pet is pleased to offer regular dog walks! Dog walking visits can be performed mid-day as an exercise break while you're at work, or in combination with our pet sitting services while you're away. 

For our safety and the safety of your dog, we prefer to walk one dog at a time on leash. Harnesses are preferred as some dogs easily slip their collars when spooked.


Please note: regular pet sitting visits include a quick walk/potty break for each dog and start at $25/visit. The $20 charge is for walking only with no other pet/house care included.


If your dog specifically needs a longer walk, please let us know. We'll tailor an estimate just for you. 

1 to 2 pets...............................$25/hour



Additional services like outdoor plant/grass watering may be available for an additional per visit charge. 


Live outside of city limits?


We will travel within reason to locations North, South and East of town for a mileage charge that covers our gas and driving time.


Ask for a quote!


Lamplight's Pet Sitting team, Lucy Ransdell and Alan Rice, are experienced animal caregivers! In addition to Alan and Lucy's home care expertise, Lucy is an experienced veterinary technician, and ran her own pet sitting business in Austin, Texas for many years. 


Lamplight Pet offers you peace of mind, knowing that both your pets and your home will be taken care of with expert love and attention. 


We love your pets as our own! You'll come home from a long trip to a well-kept home, notes from our pet care trips, and your pets well taken care of, well-fed, and overjoyed to see you!



It's a common misconception that in-home pet care is more expensive than boarding your pets. In reality, pet sitting is an affordable option - especially for multiple pet households.


Often the cost of boarding two or more pets for one day adds up to equal (or more than) a home visit by a pet sitter who is dedicated to making sure your furry family is happy and healthy.


Additionally, your house will be in good hands - we'll bring in mail and newpapers, turn on outdoor lights, and make sure the house is safe and secure with each visit. We'll make sure you're contacted quickly in case of emergency with either your pet or your home.



For your protection, Lamplight Pet Services is a member of and carries Pet Sitter Insurance through Pet Sitter Associates, LLC. This policy also includes Special Property of Others coverage that covers damage to personal property. You can rest easy knowing that your animal family and home are protected in our care.


The health and safety of your animals is our top priority! According to the American Animal Hospital Association, one out of four more pets would survive if just one pet first aid technique was applied prior to getting emergency veterinary care. In addition to years of veterinary technician experience, Lucy Ransdell has completed PetTech's PetSaver™ Program and in pet first aid and CPR.




Lamplight Pet loves your pets - whether furry, feathered or fishy! Is your pet unusual? We love all kinds of animals - from hamsters to chickens, parrots, horses and rabbits!


While you are out of town, at least one visit per day is required, because so much can happen in 24 hours!



Lamplight Pet requires that all cats in our care remain indoors for the duration of our visits. The health and safety of a cat who is spending time outside can be extremely difficult to monitor while you are away. Often these kitties will not come back inside easily (even if they normally do for their owners.) It is much safer, easier on everyone, and less risky to keep your cats indoors during your absence. However, if you have any outdoor feral cats that you put food out for, we don't mind feeding the neighborhood strays!




Lamplight Pet safely stores our long-time clients' keys in an unmarked lock box for security. Many of our clients find that when a trip comes up on short notice (as most emergencies do), it's a lifesaver to quickly schedule pet sitting if we have the key on hand. 


Keys can be returned after your travels for a $10 delivery return fee. Avoid this charge by letting us keep a key on file, and we'll be there when you need us most.


We take the responsibility of taking care of your home and family VERY seriously. From our first visit until you arrive home, we ask that no one else is entering your home (including housekeepers, friends and family members.) This is important for several reasons - most importantly, your family's safety (and ours!) 


As the only person coming in and out of your home, we are better able to assess your pets and the house for any changes that might occur. If things are moved around in the house, we'll notice right away that something isn't right. If an animal hasn't eaten all the dry food it normally does, we'll know that they didn't get treats from someone else during the day.


Home access is a liability issue. If others are entering your home while you're away, we can't be held liable for accidents that may occur. 


Lamplight Pet is fully prepared in case of emergency! We employ two pet sitters (Lucy & Alan) to ensure that if one of us gets sick or an emergency comes up, the other will be available to care for your pets. 


In case of medical emergency with you pet, you can rest easy knowing that Lucy has the training of a veterinary technician, and can determine whether health issues are immediate emergencies. As part of your initial consultation, we will determine how you would like us to proceed with your pet in case of medical emergency. Your veterinarian's office will be first on our contact list, and we will follow your wishes in pursuing care. 


We never charge more for holidays and weekends! 

Book your next trip now!

Accepting reservations through January 2015,

including the holidays. 

Thank you so much for booking with Lamplight Pet Services. We'll contact you to confirm your details shortly.

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