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Bloomington Indiana Pet Sitter, Hospice Care, Animal Reiki

What is a special needs pet?


Pets that have recently seen the veterinarian for an illness or surgery, are under veterinary care, acutely ill, or require specialized attention for mobility, elimination or behavioral issues are all considered special needs.


Lamplight Pet has experience with all of these situations. We’re here to help!


Pet Nursing Care Visit - $30 per pet

Lamplight Pet specializes in nursing care for pets with special needs. Whether you are in town and need temporary help with care, or as part of a pet sitting visit, Lamplight is here to guide you. When prescribed by a Veterinarian, Lamplight can step in and provide skilled medication administration and home treatments.


Lamplight’s Pet Nursing Caregiver, Lucy Ransdell, has years of experience as a Certified Veterinary Technician. Her goal is to provide help and instruction with the more difficult of caregiving tasks - giving medications, whether orally or by injection, administering subcutaneous fluids, syringe feeding, and more. She can help you assess the immediate health of your pet, help you keep track of long range symptoms, and work with you to communicate effectively with your veterinarian so that your pet receives the best care possible.

Lamplight Pet can help with:

  • Insulin Injections

  • Subcutaneous Fluids

  • Handfeeding

  • Syringe Feeding

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Wound Care

  • Bandage Care

  • Difficult to medicate pets (case by case basis)

For home care prescribed by a veterinarian, we will work with you to provide the best treatments possible. Lamplight Pet can not diagnose, prescribe medication or perform euthanasia. We work with you and your pet to carry out your veterinarian's wishes at home. 

Pet Nursing Care visits start at $30 per visit per pet.

Please note: while Lucy is very experienced medicating cats and dogs of all personalities, there are certain instances when more than one person is needed in order to safely medicate your pet. For these pets, boarding at your veterinarian may be a better option. We can determine at your consultation whether or not your special needs pet is a good candidate for in home care.

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