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Who is Lamplight Pet?


Lamplight Pet Services is project of love and service founded by Lucy Ransdell, and includes her partner, Alan Rice. 

Originally from Texas, Lucy Ransdell started her
career with animals in Austin as a veterinary nurse at a specialty clinic for cats, the Cat Hospital of Austin. She quickly became known as the Cat Whisperer for her skill at handling cats with aggressive and fear-based behavior.
Lucy began her pet sitting business, the South Austin Cat Sitter, in 2005, to fill the need for quality medical supervision of pets in the home environment. After providing care for hundreds of happy clients (both human and furry!), Lucy moved to Bloomington, Indiana, in 2011.
Since moving to the beautiful forests of Southern Indiana, Lucy’s calling to quality care to animals in their home has bloomed! Lucy has worked with several clinics in the Bloomington area, as well as offered Hospice care to several special pets and families in the last few years. . The time is right to combine her professional experience: pet sitting, nursing care, and Animal Reiki, to provide a supportive, comprehensive home care experience.
Joining Lucy in support of Lamplight Pet is her partner, Alan Rice. Alan is native of Bloomington, an avid animal lover, and the only person besides Lucy their adorable mean chihuahua will cuddle. After spending years in Indianapolis touring with the Blue Monkey Sideshow, Alan returned to Bloomington to provide care for his elderly mother. Alan has eight years of experience as a caregiver in an Autism group home, and many years as pet owner and pet sitter for friends. Alan will be available for basic pet sitting and dog walking visits.
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