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Lamplight serves as a guide for animals and their human companions, providing health and wellness care in times of need.


When prescribed by your family veterinarian, Lamplight provides skilled administration of medical treatments and medications.

Lamplight is honored to help families dealing with end-of-life transitions needing special care in home. 

guides pets & families  
Bloomington Indiana Pet Sitter, Hospice Care, Animal Reiki

Stella, Lamplight's muse.

Devoted companion and guide

from 1999 to 2013.

Bloomington Indiana Pet Sitter, Hospice Care, Animal Reiki

Our pets walk with us through life. 

through times of need in the comfort of your home. 

Lamplight Pet


Lucy Ransdell is a pet sitter extraordinaire! She took wonderful loving care of my precious elderly Snoopy Too; I am confident that Lucy's amazing caring spirit did much to maintain Snoopy's quality of life at a very high level, and definitely extended her precious time with me. Lucy is The Best!

                             Nancy McFaddin


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